Interior Water Damage Minneapolis

Interior Water Damage Minneapolis MN

  • Don't know who to call for repairs for a water damaged house in Minneapolis? Just contact the guys at PEI of MN.
  • We have the tools and experience to know how to dry out a house after water damage.
  • Grease fire in the kitchen in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Do you need restoration contractor for fire damage? Call us today at 651.383.4622.
  • Who do you call in Minneapolis for water damages caused by a leak in the plumbing to the dishwasher.
  • Professional Exteriors Inc (PEI) is growing to be one of the leaders in damage restoration service, if you have an accident in Minneapolis MN and need help call us at 612 254 9412.
  • Make the call to us after you talk to your insurance company, we service homeowners in Minneapolis, Minnesota that need water damage to house repairs.
  • Get help with your water or fire accident in Minneapolis MN, we can help as a property restoration company ready to work with your insurance carrier.

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